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1999 №4

Timofeyev D.A., Borsuk O.A., Ufimtsev G.F. Geomorphology yesterday, today and tomorrow

Myslivets V.I., Safyanov G.A., Simonov Yu.G. Russian Academy of Sciences and geomorphologists’ training in the Moscow State University

Gorelov S.K., Kozlova A.E., Timofeyev D.A. Recent geomorphic processes at the territory of the Russia and adjacent countries (some results of summary map compiling, the scale to be 1:2500000)

Methods of research

Asoyan D.S. The method of ecogeomorphologic mapping of mountain areas based on the remote sensing data analysis

Larionov G.A., Dobrovol’skaya N.G., Krasnov S.F. Adjustment of melt water erosion model of the State Hydrological Institute for erosion control projecting

Short communications

Agafonov B.P. Slope denudation under moderate seismic impact (Tunkin earthquake in 1995 as an example)

Belousov T.P., Enman S.V. Morphostructural pattern and tectonic movements of the Stavropol’skaya highland during Quaternary and recent epochs

Veretennikova M.V., Zorina E.F. The hazard of rise and development of gully erosion

Zaretskaya N.E. Variety of volcanic landscapes in the eastern Mediterranean area (Golan plateau as an example)

Levchenko O.V., Scherbakov F.A. Tidal mesorelief at the bottom of the eastern part of the White Sea

Novikov I.S., Duck A.I. Slope dispersion aureole of kimberlite mineral detectors under the geomorphological conditions of the northern part of Siberian platform

Postolenko G.A. Complexity of the terrace sequences in the river valleys


Rysin I.I., Ivanova N.N. Working session of the Interinstitutional scientific-coordinating council on the problem “Soil erosion in the drainage basins and small rivers” (MSU)
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