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Valery P. Chichagov

Valery P. Chichagov – Editor in Chief, Chief Researcher of the RAS Institute of Geography and Chairman of the Geomorphological Committee RAS.

He was born in Moscow on the 28 of January, 1933. In 1956 he graduated from the Moscow State University, Geographical Faculty, and Geomorphological Department. In 1964 he passed his PhD defense on “Relief of the South-Eastern Transbaikalian plains”, and in 1996 he passed his Doctoral Dissertation defense on “Destruction in evolution of plain relief in the Central and Eastern Asia”.                

Focus of science interest: planation surfaces; history of the arid river valleys and lake basins forming; new tectonics; volcanism and seismotectonics; evolution of anthropogenic transformation in the African-and-Asian plain desert belt; paleomagnetic and radiocarbon analysis; study of debris morphology; remote sensing; history of geomorphology and geomorphological mapping.

Main field researches in the Middle Asia, South Siberia and Russian Far East, China, Mongolia, Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. Author of 500 scientific papers, including chapters in 19 multi-authors monographs and 9 individual monographs, some nonfiction works, main researcher of maps in the National Mongolian and Vietnam Atlases.

Lecturer of the MSU Geographical Faculty on the Arid Geomorphology and eolian relief forming processes, Chairman of the Higher Attestation Commission on “Geomorphology”, “Cryology”, “Cartography and Geoinformatics” in 1999-2009. Member of special Scientific Councils of the Higher Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles in the RAS Institute of Geography and MSU Geographical Faculty on the “Evolutional Geography and Geomorphology” branch.