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Geomorphologic data, obtained by the author from field researches, literature and maps, were matched with material on tectonic splitting of lithosphere, lateral fault displacements, seismicity, neotectonic movements, young volcanism, and crust thickness. As a result of such morphotectonic analysis geodynamic model of Altai mobile zone was compiled. The model gives consistent explanation of neotectonic development of this area. Vertical movements of crust blocks, being the base for mountain relief building, appeared to be the sequence of lateral movements of much greater amplitude. The pattern of N-Q faults may be thoroughly explained by major strike-slips, running through the whole mountain system, and by branch structures of compression and extension.

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И. С. Новиков
Институт геологии и минералогии имени В.С. Соболева СО РАН, Новосибирск


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Новиков И.С. МОРФОТЕКТОНИКА АЛТАЯ. Геоморфология. 2003;(3):10-25.

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Novikov I.S. MORPHOTECTONICS OF ALTAI. Geomorfologiya. 2003;(3):10-25.

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