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В продолжение разработки идей В.И. Вернадского автором предложено некоторое обобщение роли воды в формировании рельефа. Для различных состояний воды описаны разные динамические и морфологические типы ее взаимодействия с поверхностью суши. Подчеркивается глобальное распределение водных геоморфологических ландшафтов.

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Relief features of specific "ornitogenic" geosystems of small islands in the North Pacific were studied. It is shown that large agglomeration of colonial sea birds may serve as system-forming factor, which provides creation of specific nano- and micro-landforms occupying almost the whole island. A few types of such landforms and their groups were revealed: hummocks, holes, tracks, nest and "fly up" areas, etc. The trampling is mainly a cause of high variety of ornitogenic microrelief, but the digging of holes is the most important geomorphologic factor. Products of metabolism also contribute relief formation. Birds are the main exogenic agent of relief formation on the small islands with large birds colonies.

Методика научных исследований 

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Mandychansky moraine complex in the SE part of Chersky ridge consists of 8-10 moraine series of different age. Their feet lie between 600 and 1400 m abs. height. Lichenometric and Schmidt Hammer tests were carried out on the boulders of the moraine hills' crests from the foot to the top of the complex. Authors found statistically significant differences between the hardness of the Late Pleistocene moraine boulders (27-38 Mpa) and the Holocene ones (51-59 Mpa). Active rock glaciers in the head of the complex have neoglacial age (4.5-2 Ma) according to lichenometric assessments.

Научные сообщения 

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The Late Pleistocene and Holocene history of glaciations in the Khibiny Mts and adjacent plain was reconstructed on the base of all available data. In the Early Valdai (Weichselian) ice sheet advanced from west and didn't overlap the Khibiny, where mountain glaciers preceded it. The Late Valdai ice sheet during its maximum overlapped the Khibiny. In the Middle Dryas ice sheet and mountain glaciers joined forming a single surface. During the Aller0ed and the Late Dryas they were separated and their deposits accumulated independently. In the Holocene only mountain glaciers existed in the Khibiny Mts.
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Different shore types of the Kola peninsular are distinguished and geomorphologic regionalization is fulfilled. It is shown that primary dissected and primary even shores, which were formed by subaerial and teetonie processes, are predominant in the region. The sea faintly changes them. Redisseeted, levelled and degraded shores, formed mostly by the wave processes have lesser extent and occur on the south and southwest of the Kola peninsular.
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The marine geophysical survey was carried out within the NW part of the Japan Sea during the 1990-2006. Bathymetric map have been compiled on the basis of the new bathymetric data. The description and definitions of the main morphological structures of the sea bottom were proposed using both bathymetric and seismic data. The relation between sea-floor structures and characteristics of geologic processes during rift and post-rift evolution was shown.
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The study area lies within 53°-56° N and 135°-139° E. The shelf in this part of the Sea is formed by submerged surface of denudation levelling, which is complicated by incised troughs. Recent development of the shelf depends on climatic and hydrological characteristics. Extended period of freezing, low seas, heavy tidal streams influencing the beach drift are the main factors of contemporary relief formation.
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Seismo-acoustic profiling helped to determine the boundaries of two main members overlaying crystalline bedrocks: fluvio-glacial sediments (mainly the moraine of the last glaciation) up to 150 m thickness and recent marine sediments of small thickness. These loose sediments do not occur continuously. Graben-like depressions a 100-300 m deep occur on the sea bottom, divided by barriers. There are no evidences of older then Valdai sediments' existence in this area.
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The southwest end of Baikal rift is a slit-like gap incised into plateau - the relic of the Late Cretaceous-Paleogene (initial) peneplain. This is the most ancient element of the rift system. The plateau is transferred along-strike into Late Pliocene-Quaternary Baikal dome, which comprises the most part of the Baikal rift. The morphostructural pattern of the dome exhibits relics of the initial peneplain deformed into local domes and young tilted horsts. Ancient landforms within the horsts were denuded. The vast system of overthrusts frames the Baikal rift from the west. Cenozoic rejuvenation of this system may probably be the result of the Baikal dome's rise. The evolution of the Baikal morphostructure may serve as additional argument for the passive rifting model.
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The heights of the main epiglacial terraces in the eastern part of the Kildin Island were precised.14C dating of clamshells from deposits of the terraces at the heights 8-14 m and lower showed that these terraces were formed by abrasion of the older (Atlantic stage of the Holocene) terrace deposits. The basin of the lake Mogil'noye is supposed to originate 4.5 Ma B.P. due to local tectonic movements or permafrost degradation. The closing dike now separating the lake from the sea began its formation in the Early Subatlantic time as a growing submarine bank. The final separation of the lake happened in the middle of the Atlantic Time.
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Different types of geomorphic manifestation of salt tectonics are under consideration. The distribution of local salt-dome morphostructures depends on degree of neotectonic activation; geomorphologic anomalies correlate with structural-tectonic elements. Cluster analysis of spatial distribution of salt-dome morphostructures was fulfilled.
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Using the unique data of long-term hydrological observations and detailed topographic survey of river bed in 1946 author evaluated the rate of vertical and lateral channel deformations, the influence of log gorges, icings, and landslides on channel forms development, the features of small river floodplain-terrace complex formation.


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Друзья, коллеги, товарищи, ученики и последователи поздравляют с юбилеем Владимира Ильича Мозжерина - отечественного геоморфолога, доктора географических наук, профессора, академика Академии водохозяйственных наук, члена редакционной коллегии журнала “Геоморфология”.
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Автобиографическая статья к собственному юбилею


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Рецензия на книгу Г.Ф. Уфимцева "Горы Земли (климатические типы и феномены новейшего орогенеза)", вышедшую в свет в издательстве "Научный мир" в 2008 году.

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