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В статье предпринята попытка логически проанализировать таксономическую проблему ранга в геоморфологии. Поскольку критерии ранга в большинстве классификаций не определены, автор предполагает, что было бы эффктивно для их выделения использовать бинарную систему существенных признаков (экстенсиональных и интенсиональных) таксонов и таксономических категорий. Для процесса индуктивной сборки таксонов второго и более высоких рангов были разработаны два правила, которые существенно повышают объективность определения ранга в геоморфологии.

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The review of materials concerning the structure of the plains in the west part of the Atlas Mountains is given. The plains are represented by peneplains, young pediments, and one infant regional pediplain. The arid and extremely arid conditions conduced to pediments formation. Eolian and hydrogeologic processes play an important role in pediments evolution, while human impact contributes to recent sculpturing of their surface. The contemporary relief formation within the pediments interacts with the desertification processes.


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The crater-like basins of the lakes Krasnoye and Danilische in the Moscow region are very peculiar and rare forms in the Central Russia. The lakes are stagnant pools up to 10 m deep and 300-400 m in diameter surrounded by annular bank 3-5 m height (9 m at maximum). The shape of the basins allows two hypotheses of their origin: 1 - the impact structures, likewise the basin of the lake Smerdyach'e 50 km apart, which is considered to be astrobleme of 10-25 m y age [3], 2 - destructed pingos of Late Valdai periglacial epoch. The further investigation of the bank section, its age and composition is needed to validate one of these hypotheses.
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The low stability of man-made irrigated relief in the southern regions of Russia produces the unfavorable ecological situation there. One of the main problems at reconstruction and designing of irrigation systems is the evaluation of the main relief stability factors: relief-forming rocks, technogenic sediments, morphology of initial and irrigation relief. The most instability is incidental to relief of check plots on mantle loam.
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Комментарий рецензента на статью Н.Н. Иванова “Ирригационный рельеф и факторы, определяющие его устойчивость”

Научные сообщения 

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В статье описываются новые методы построения морфометрических карт с использованием ГИС-технологий на примере территории Лагонакского нагорья. Полученные морфометрические показатели были использованы для оценки рекреационного потенциала местности.


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Orographic map of S-E Altai was compiled on the base of DEM with the grid step 20 m and space images with the pixel size 10 m. This map was used for morphometric analysis considering the neotectonic block structure of the territory. The correlation between the block size (M - length, H - width) and Moho's depth (M) was revealed: L = = 2M, H = 0.5M. The distribution of ridges and basins linear dimensions leads to the conclusion that only biggest of them are the subsided blocks, while others are the fracture zones with accumulative mantle.
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The effectiveness of morphostructural-metallogenic studies depends in many respect on possibility of: a - revealing the determinate connections between morphotectonic processes and mineralization; b - distinguishing the main types of ore control structures and morphostructures; c - reconstruction of morphostructural pattern of mineralization epochs and analysis of its later transformations. The long-term and multifactor process of Sikhote-Alin orogeny requires the analysis of conformal relations between the structures of different ages, day surface and deep heterogeneity, taking into account the possibility of convergent landforms origin (over-plum depression or collapsed paleoarch).
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Technogenic gullies may be induced by road construction, discharge of manufacturing water, or by complex of urban processes. A set of different scaled maps has been compiled for the test sites where the field monitoring of gullies is carried. The GIS-technology and the digital elevation map of Udmurtia were used. According to data on agricultural gullies for the time period 1978-2007, the rate of their growth is decreasing, while that of technogenic gullies is rusing. 
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The possibility of the relief changes under the influence of surface processes has been estimated within the framework of Penk's model form-structure-rate of uplift. The results obtained made it possible to get more detailed concept of the relief evolution in this region. Most of the epicentres having energy grade more than 9 is located in the vicinity of areas with descending development. The exception is the area of uplift where the epicentres are located on its axial part.
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The southern part of Eastern Siberia is characterized in general by weak gully dissection, and by very uneven distribution of gullies on the territory. 122.5 thousand gullies with total length of 35.5 thousand km exist in the study area. The mean density of erosion forms is 0.0563/km, and the drainage density is 0.016 km/km. It is obtained that gullies tend to occur on the slopes of river valleys of order 3-4 or higher and have mostly an anthropogenic origin. Slope erosion forms are dominant, while bottom forms account for 1/3 of their total number. Six types of territory have been identified according to the drainage density and gully density, which are shown on the map compiled.
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Buried and partly destructed relief of Zimniy Bereg diamond region had been sequentially restored with the use of indicator horizons technique for the certain epochs, reяecting the main denudation stages of primary diamond sources and formation of dispersion aureole of kimberlite indicator minerals. The peculiarities of structure and evolution of paleorelief were distinguished on the basis of its morphology, the paleogeological mapping of the surface of the Vendian kimberlite-bearing rocks, and data on distribution of correlative terrigenous Upper Paleozoic rocks.


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7 апреля 2009 года исполняется 70 лет Роману Сергеевичу Чалову – профессору Географического факультета Московского государственного университета им. М.В. Ломоносова, доктору географических наук, известному ученому в области эрозионных и русловых процессов, руководителю Научно-исследовательской лаборатории эрозии почв и русловых процессов.


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7–9 октября 2008 г. в Калужском государственном педагогическом университете им. К.Э. Циолковского (КГПУ) прошло XXIII Пленарное Межвузовское координационное совещание по проблеме эрозионных, русловых и устьевых процессов. Совещание было проведено в рамках Конференции по изменению глобального климата и его последствий и посвящено Международному году планеты Земля.

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29 октября 2008 г. безвременно скоропостижно ушла из жизни Наталия Георгиевна Патык-Кара, доктор геолого-минералогических наук, кандидат географических наук, профессор, один из лидеров отечественной науки о россыпях. Имя Наталии Георгиевны Патык-Кара широко известно в геологическом научном мире, в том числе и за рубежом.

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