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№ 3 (1994)
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The- paper discusses a conceptual part of the pulsation-wave model of the terrestrial relief formation. The hypothesis is based on reconstructions and calculations of the Earth's pulsations, as well as on direct observations of .deformation waves passing over the land~ surface. The latter are traced to a depth of 0 to 22 km in mountains and 0 to 6 km on low plateaus and plains. Wave periodicity is found to vary. Several kinds of deformation waves have been identified, which are suggested to be interpreted as «waves-flows». Rhythms of waves of different order vary within the range 0.02 to 90 million years. The hypothesis implies reciprocating movement of the waves. Interference and superposition of waves are of special importance for the continents relief formation.

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In the article the history of establishment of the plate tectonics theory and its influence on modification of knowledge of the endogenous sea floor geomorphology is stated briefly. Kinematics of main plates and age of sea floor, or more exactly - the time of cooling of the oceanic lithosphere, are examined as the principal plate tectonics reasons determined the nature of general features of the Earth's face. It is noted that a location of riftogenic mid-ocean ridges in young spreading ocean basins is determined by the character of tension and the lithosphere breaking up in rifting zones. It is considered an influence of transform faults on the pattern of the sea floor topography of the World Ocean.

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The average rates of denudation over the whole land surface and on every continent, together with average rates of sedimentation on the land plains and ocean bottom have been calculated on the basis of geomorphological and geological-geophysical data. The average rates of denudation are: on the whole land – 0.082 mm/year, on platformian plains – 0.035 mm/year, in,-mountains – 0.17 mm/year. Average rates of sedimentation on continental platforms amount to 0.007 to 0.018 mm/year, on continental margins and transition zones - about 0.03 mm/year, on the ocean bottom – 0.011 mm/year.


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Критические заметки по поводу статей Г. Ф. Уфимцева о генезисе рельефа

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An integrated paleogeographic and geomorphological subdivision of the Moscow region is suggested based on zonal and provincial features of morpholithogenesis and comparative analysis of various natural components. Most important are considered to be bedrock (Pre-Quaternary) topography, sediments composition in the source areas, sequences of Quaternary deposits and topography. Maps of paleogeographic and geomorphological regions, when compared revealed a good agreement between regions boundaries. The maps may be used as a basis of the land management and assessment of geoecological stability.

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The present-day geomorphic processes over the area of Moscow region are controlled by many factors, among which human impact is of considerable importance. Fluvial and slope processes are ubiquitous over the territory and, in common with other ones, are considerably affected by the prolonged - many centuries - cultivation.


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A conceptual model of the lacustrine morpholithogenesis is developed with reference to mountain regions; the model considers successively factors, processes, mechanism of formation, sedimentation, and lacustrine micro-landforms. The structural scheme of morpholithogenesis outlines two stages of its evolution; those are progressive and regressive ones.

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A process is considered of slope denudation in the mountain and plains of the Crimea, which is due to voles' activities. The rate of the zoogenic denudation (averaged over many years) was calculated taking into account changes in the animal’s abundance and amounted to 0.05-0.01 mm per year. The burrowing activities of small rodents are one of the leading factors of erosion on vegetated slopes.

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To elucidate relief-forming role of long waves, fluctuations of wave levels were measured continuously throughout several days under conditions of both calm weather and all the phases of storm. The experiment was carried out in a very gently sloping nearshore zone and revealed the scale of wave motions to be about 1 km, which was in agreement with dimensions of most of constructional landforms on the sea floor. Another experiment was performed on a shallow far from the coast. The analysis of currents, temperature and salinity records suggested the water dynamics in the region to be under control of an anticyclonic vortex.

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The paper considers specific features of channel morphology related to progressive alluviation within the lower reaches of the Amur River. The progressive character of the process is argued on the basis of sediment budget along the river, analysis of water discharge versus level graphs, and some morphological elements (such as dammed lakes in tributary mouths). Evolution of channel furcation is traced within valley sections with broad floodplain or incised channels. A new type of furcation is described, that is floodplain-channel furcations which are characteristic of rivers in the process of alluviation.

78-85 24

To study channel morphology of freely meandering rivers on the plains of the Altai Territory a modified technique has been applied, which involved determination of prevailing radii of meander curvature within hydrologically uniform segments of channel. It appeared that the prevailing radius values change systematically along the river and depend on regional conditions, primarily on the river discharge and drainage basin configuration. Those conditions influence also relationship between meander parameters.


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Впечатления от поездки в Канаду на третью Международную геоморфологическую конференцию


89-91 25

Первое руководство по гляцио-геологическим исследованиям, созданное в России - Каплянская Ф.А., Тарноградский В.Д. «Гляциальная геология. Методическое пособие по изучению ледниковых образований при геологической съемке крупного масштаба» (С.-П.: Недра, 1993. 328 с.)


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18 августа 1994 г. исполнилось 70 лет Сергею Кузьмичу Горелову - крупному ученому, профессору, доктору географических наук, ведущему научному сотруднику Института географии РАН.

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18 июня исполнилось 70 лет известному ученому и талантливому педагогу, доктору географических наук, профессору Ростовского государственного университета Петру Федоровичу Молодкину.

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Не стало одного из видных европейских геоморфологов послевоенного времени, члена-кор. Болгарской академии наук, основателя и руководителя на протяжении более четверти века (1951-1979 го.) Географического института БАН - крупнейшего научного центра на Балканах. Ж.С. Гылыбов скончался 7 декабря 1993 г. на 86-м году жизни.


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14 декабря 1993 года в возрасте 86 лет скончался выдающийся чешский географ и геоморфолог, доктор наук профессор Ян Крейчи.

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