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К 100-летию со дня рождения Н.И. Маккавеева

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К 100-летию со дня рождения одного из ведущих геоморфологов нашей страны – Николая Ивановича Маккавеева.
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The creation conditions of single erosion-accumulative process doctrine and its development by N.I. Makkaveyev as well as its role in understanding of fluvial relief formation logic are analyzed. The paper describes the main laws concerning the effect of run-off on Earth surface. The evolution of doctrine led to the development of erosion-channel systems' theory. The structure of such systems is given; the connections of their elements with the water and silt load flow direction are described.
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The ideas concerned with soil erosion were chose from the extensive scientific heritage of N.I. Makkaveyev. His views on the role of kinetic energy in soil erosion were proved experimentally. The raindrops impact increases the erosive action by the order of magnitude. The other of his ideas (erosion and sediment transport are proportional to the flow power; suspended load influence sufficiently on soil loss) served as a cornerstone for physically based soil erosion model. The simple computations showed that soil erosion rate is proportional to the third power of flow velocity. The influence of sediment concentration was studied experimentally. The equations, which describe this influence, were developed.
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The paper concerns gulley erosion as the component of erosion-accumulation process on the catch basin. The analysis is based on some ideas of N.I. Makkaveyev. The gulley being the link between the area of watershed and the river and balka valleys has different functions - from the main source of silt load moving to the larger links of drainage network to the transboundary flux or accumulation zone.
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The main results of late decades in the field of deposits' redistribution analysis are basically the development of Makkaveyev's concept of single erosion-accumulation process. There are four primal lines of investigation: field monitoring of the small catch basins; an eliciting of deposits' redistribution dynamics by radionuclides' and other markers' concentration in soil; paleogeomorphologic investigations; integrated investigations of erosion-accumulation intensiveness within small catch basins. The simultaneous using of several approaches in concrete area investigation of erosion and accumulation rates is strongly recommended.
37-48 344
The Makkaveyevs' law of the interconnection between erosion, sediment transport and accumulation is analyzed. The resent development of this law is discussed. The characteristics of time-space correlations of erosion and accumulation are shown at different levels of channel processes: from longitudinal river profile to sand wave relief of river bed.
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The author considers Makkaveyev's attitude to formation and evolution of floodplains, shows his role in the development of geomorphologic science of floodplains. The present state of this research field and its future development are discussed.
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The geomorphologic concept of estuaries and deltas formation takes into account the leading role of coastal geologic structure, the sea level changes and the evolutionary character of river deltas development. Recent ocean level rise will lead to slower rates of deltas formation, increasing the distance of sea water penetration into river mouths, flooding of coastal zone at a distance of 15-30 km, and activation of abrasion.

Методика научных исследований

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The reconstruction of the Khvalyn basin coastline was fulfilled with the use of digital elevation model SRMT 30. The previous reconstructions were taken into account. The paleocoastline lay was adjusted by comparison of different reconstruction and their juxtaposition on the SRMT 30.
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Until 2007 Korbel's method has been used for 50 years since its development. This method is still the basic one in Russia and abroad in evaluating the karst processes intensity. In this paper we discuss the characteristics and problems of its application by different authors.

Научные сообщения

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The rock bends of Volga and Don (within Volgogradsk region) are considered as macro- and megabends. The data on paleogeomorphologic conditions and tectonics of the region are given. Special attention is paid to the layering of relief, the latter having much in common with the relief of the East Don ridge and the southern Privolzhskaya upland. Some hypotheses of the relief levels age and origin are discussed.
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A methodology for modeling a fractal scale-invariant set is put forward. The set characterizes the stages of formation of dissected erosional relief. The fractal nature of the process of erosion dissecting may cause self-oscillations in geomorphosystems and motion of the geosystems to the dynamic equilibrium. An algorithm of relief formation as a result of interaction between F- and D-flows of matter.
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The evaluation of recreational potential of Krasnodar City territory is fulfilled based on landscape-geomorphologic analysis. The most part of the territory has a low recreational value because of its low relief and strong domestic pollution. The recreational perspectives may be found in some parts of the Kuban' river floodplain, first and foremost the forested ones; and the Karasun river valley occupied by the chain of lakes.


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К 100-летию со дня рождения В.П. Лидова
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К 80-летию со дня рождения Будагова Б.А.


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Рецензия на книгу Р.С. Чалова “Русловедение: теория, география, практика”


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О симпозиуме по речной седиментации
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О геоморфологическом семинаре по проблемам теоретической геоморфологии

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