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№ 1 (2005)

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The distribution of the paleolake basins in mountain areas is analyzed. The description of the genetic features of the lake basin deposits is given. Authors suggest distinguishing the lake period in the history of mountain areas.


Методика научных исследований 

31-43 601
Authors suggest new method of gully history reconstruction for the last 50 years, based on 137Cs and 210Pbex-dat-ing of proluvium. The application of this method to a certain gully investigation together with a traditional geologic -geomorphologic studies has allowed to determine the thickness of the gully deposits, to fulfill their detailed stratifi-cation, to reveal the main events of the gully development during the period under consideration. The comparison with the data on land-use and precipitation has helped to suggest possible causes of these events.
44-52 720
Authors consider the geographic map as the main source of information about gully erosion. Special maps of erosion factors make it possible to show the different aspects of the distribution and the development of gully formation. They in-volve quantitative characteristics of gully density, area affected and intensity of the process. The latter may be represented as gully runoff module on the catch basin of the larger links of drainage network.

Научные сообщения 

53-59 473
The classification suggested is based on morphological features of mouth alignments. The latter may be linked to the water edge or flood plain, to the bed of the balkas and dry valleys or to the water reservoirs. These peculiarities have a significant impact on the intensity of gullies growth and on their role in the erosion-accumulation processes within the catch basin.
60-66 421
The adjusted values of average heights of continents (but Antarctica) and height's standard deviations were obtained on -e base of ETOPO 2' data bank. The height distributions (histograms) for the continents and their parts were made by 100-m nervals down to -200 m and for continental margins - by 10-m intervals within the altitude range 100...-200 m.
67-81 607
The structure and texture of the "Hills Formation" give an evidence for existence of variable environments during its sedimentation, dominated by dynamic aquatic conditions with submeridional northern and northwestern transpor-tation of clastic debris along or across the strike of the long axis of hills.
82-96 602
Lakes of the Lower Amur basin are numerous and diverse. Together with the north-west of the Russian Plain and plateau Putorana they consist one of the three main Lake Countries of Russia. The paper concerns their classification and distribution features.
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The geomorphology of the lake shorelands and surrounding areas is described. The factors of lake morphogene-sis, the main of which is neotectonics, are discussed. Special attention is paid to social importance of the lake stock of the region.


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Рецензия на книгу Е.Ф. Зориной "оражная эрозия: закономерности и потенциал развития".


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