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№ 1 (2007)

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A new quality of geomorphologic systems is put forward - their "orderlines", which we understand as a complex of land-forms, processes, and connections, procuring stable state and development of the system. We propose the concept of "order-lines" as research field within which some concrete tasks may be formulated. The analysis of order will help better understanding of the origin, development, dynamics and functioning of different geomorphologic systems.
10-19 362
Drainage-areas of little and middle rivers in the Volga and Don basins were analyzed. The regularities of spatial sediment distribution and correlations between modulus of flow and sediment discharge in the different elements of erosion network are determined. River silt load and value of basin have low correlation, the causes of which may be the large spatial variability of accumulation processes outside the valley and significant importance of the riverbed erosion and accumulation for the formation of fluvial degradation sheet.


20-28 462
The author suggests a new approach to river valley analysis, based on concept of volumetric and non-volumetric river terraces. The notion "river terrace" is defined. Computational formulas for morphographic index of valley, for the velocity of tectonic movements evaluated by terraces deformation, and for river embedding velocity are presented.
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В статье дается ответ рецензентов на статью Л.Л. Розанова "Развитие некоторых представлений флювиальной геоморфологии".
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Ответ рецензентам на коментарии к статье Л.Л. Розанова "Развитие некоторых представлений флювиальной геоморфологии", опубликованной в этом ж номере

Методика научных исследований 

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A statistical method has been suggested for a calculation of optimal lines separating a priori obtained classes. This method is based on minimization of errors of values, which are outside their own class. The method was applied for data of V.V. Romashin and Van den Berg, and new lines dividing the classes in the optimal way were calculated. Some statistical methods have been developed for an assessment of efficiency of classifications. On the basis of these methods it has been obtained that it is statistically ineffective to distinguish a class of incomplete meandering in the Romashin's classification and it is necessary to combine it with a class of free meandering. For Van den Berg's classification it has been shown that an additional use of D50 for a separation of single and multi-thread channels is not statistical effective too.
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A method for reconstruction wind-and-wave energy and the dynamics of the Arctic seas shorelands is put forward. The method is based on proportional correlations of wind-and-wave energy characteristics anomalies and duration of elementary circulating mechanisms (in the classification of B.L. Dzerdzeyevsky) during the dynamically active periods. With the use of this method the wind-and-wave energy characteristics and dynamics of abrasion shores in Varandey region were reconstructed for the period 1899-2003. The row obtained expresses the changes of intensity and trends of geomorphic processes within the coastal zone of the Pechora Sea. The general for XX century tendency of the wind-and-wave energy and shore recession velocity growth is shown. The cause for it may lie in the growth of the near-surface temperature gradient in the system "ocean-continent" taking place due to different warming-up in the course of global climate warming. Against the background of the general for XX century tendency, the stages with different velocities of energy growth and shore recession may be traced at the sites of abrasion.

Научные сообщения 

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During 8th cruise of R/V "Vityaz" echo sounding was fulfilled on the Sinop (canyon Kyzyl-Irmak) and the Danube fan ranges and along regional profiles in the western Black Sea. Data on Upper Quaternary deposit lamination were obtained as well as information about bottom relief down the depth of 55 m and in the bottom rock mass. The paper presents new information about morphology of canyons, fans, and some areas of continental margin. The detailed analysis of lamination of Upper Quaternary deposits is given, and correlations between deposits and morphological structures within aquatory investigated are described. The results may help compiling the geological, lithological, and other charts and maps.
64-70 476
Deep, long, and narrow depression of Lake Paanaiarvi represents the geomorphic anomaly for the North Karelia. The depression is situated at the intersection of two large neotectonic faults bounding the block of the earth crust. This block lies in the zone of influence of Kandalaksha graben. According to the position of Lake Paanaiarvi's depression the latter may be interpreted as the split that was formed dew to drifting apart of the boundaries of the extension zone around Kandalaksha graben.
71-84 665
Four independent techniques were applied for quantitative evaluation of soil redistribution rates within an arable slope and their spatial-temporal variability over the agricultural period. Such a complex approach allows mutual control and cross-validation of results, increasing their reliability. Sinuous pattern of the soil redistribution rate variation along the slope is associated with the specifics of a runoff formation and rill development in the slope hollow bottoms. Different temporal resolution of the techniques used has allowed making a rough estimation of contribution of individual events into total soil losses.
85-87 343
The north-west part of the East-European Plain, is considered traditionally as the zone without gullies. Nevertheless, under certain natural conditions the human intervention may cause the development of gully erosion here. The gully situated in the valley of the Ifenka River on the south of Leningradskaya region is described as an example.
88-105 385
The analysis of the correlative deposits in the Mikulino-Valdai balkas pushes forward the problem of watershed evolution in the Late Pleistocene. The previous geomorphologic stage began with the genesis of overdeepened basins of the II (above the flood-plain) terrace and with the formation of the new drainage network on the watersheds. During the Mikulino interglacial relief of the watersheds was in a state of dynamic balance (the stabilisation stage). At the end of the interglacial the sheet wash became active, alternating with the sohfluction in the first cold stage. The balkas were filled with pedosediments, turned to dells and hollows, and disintegrated into chain of shallow depressions. In the Early and Middle Valdai epoch balka's watersheds were repeatedly cut, their surfaces being planed. During the maximum of glaciation watersheds stayed flat with large superimposed pading. At the end of the Valdai epoch the drainage network was readjust once more and deep incised valleys reappeared.


106-107 159
5 апреля 2007 года научная общественность будет отмечать юбилей Екатерины Федоровны Зориной – доктора географических наук, члена корреспондента Академии проблем водохозяйственных наук, члена Межвузовского научно-координационного совета по проблеме эрозионных, русловых и устьевых процессов при МГУ, ведущего научного сотрудника Географического факультета МГУ.
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20 февраля 2007 года исполняется семьдесят лет Леониду Леонидовичу Розанову, старшему научному сотруднику Института географии РАН, доктору географических наук, геоморфологу, географу, геоэкологу, признанному специалисту в области школьной географии.

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