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№ 1 (2004)

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Estimations of erosion-accumulation processes rate during intensive agricultural development were obtained by different methods for one of the small watersheds of secondary-glacial relief (Tverskaya region, Osuga river). Though the watershed has maximum treated area and relatively high field gradient, the average rates of erosion and accumulation are low. This helps to draw a conclusion that agriculture development has little impact on the other watersheds’ relief while they have the same deposits composition (moraine on the surface).
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The main factors of river terraces formation are determined. The regional types of river terraces express total rising of the Central Sikhote-Alin (with amplitude up to 300 m) and subsidence of its margins. The local types of terrace sequences have been formed in the coastal zone (under the impact of the sea level changes) within the basalt plateaus and at the places of the river system rearrangement. Tectonic asymmetry of the Sikhote-Alin has resulted in greater erosion cut on the eastern (steep) slope, than on the western (low-angle) one. Relics of Late Miocene river system were revealed among the river valley landforms. Pliocene-Quaternary terrace sequence consists of 7 terraces, which are characterized by subsidence towards Ussury-Khanka depression and coastal zone of the Sea of Japan.
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Geodynamics of lithosphere structures of different depth, and anomalies of geophysical fields affect the plan pattern of the drainage network, the longitudinal profiles, and valleys morphology.
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Almost maximal diversity of genetic landform types was provided in the Far East by peculiarity and changeability of external conditions of relief formation and confined set of agents. The specific interaction between processes of relief formation leads to diversity and high intensity of links in the geomorphosystem “mountain ridge joint”, securing its capacity to self-regulating and self-development. Catastrophic processes are widely distributed. Fluvial process is working towards the grading of relief and at the same time towards its dissection.
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Such processes as plastic flow of unconsolidated sediments, submarine landslides, turbidity currents were studied. Factors of their rise (geologic structure, seismicity, relief and steep of the bottom, accumulation) were evaluated and the scheme of their distribution is presented. The obtained results show that neither platform tectonic regime, nor very small angle of bottom slope may secure bottom stability and absence of gravitational movements of the deposits. It should be taken into account while projecting rig bases, pipelines etc.

Методика научных исследований 

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According to morphodynamic conception of geomorphology the determining of the ice bed surface structure should be the first stage in the investigation of subglacial-subaquatic relief of Antarctic. This structure is embodied in the net of structural lines: crest and keel lines, concave and convex kinks; it can be revealed visually or automatically on radar profiles and on hypso-bathymetric map showing subglacial-subaquatic relief. Three digital methods of distinguishing the structural lines were worked out: with the use of the observed profiles, with the use of the grid model of the surface and by means of the vector lines mapping and its further analysis. Precisely positioned structural lines may be widely used in geological and glaciological investigations.
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The world experience of karst denudation estimation technique is colligated. There are four main groups of methods: chemical models, based on the hydro-chemical data; climatic models, based on the empirical interrelations between karst denudation and climatic characteristics; morphometric approach using direct measurements of karst landforms and cartometry; stationary field observations.

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Amongst the correlation of exogenous processes with the factors affecting their intensity the highest ones are those with the absolute heights, amplitudes of neotectonic movements, and endurance of warm period. The percent of forest cover, having middle correlation with some processes, itself suffers their influence. The total dependence of exogenous processes on 9 external factors, used in this work, differs from relatively high to low: the determination coefficients for thermokarst and cryogenic processes reach up to 77% and 79%, for the density and the dept of erosion dissection they consist 52% and 32% correspondingly, for swamp development - 41%. The analysis of partial correlation gave some additional interesting results, which proved this type of correlation to be very important while investigating the multifactor processes. In some cases (but not in all) it gives more adequate evaluation of real factor impact on exogenous processes intensity.
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Different morphodynamic types of river channels were distinguished on the basis of their deformation rates and degree of stability. The Makkaveyev coefficient of stability is determined by the flow hydraulic characteristics - the ratio of shear stress on the bottom to its critical value. It may serve as a criterion for distinction between incised and broad flood-plain channels and within the second type - between shifting, branching, and meandering beds.
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Authors consider interrelations between number of gullies and their total length per unit area for gullies of different extension. The evaluations of average length and rate of growth of gullies for their different types were fulfilled. Some examples of calculation of gully formation period using original methodic are given


Экологическая и прикладная геоморфология 

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On the basis of complex geomorphologic and hydrogeological investigations the area of Krasnodar city was districted in accordance with different fitness for building and people living. The main part of the city is characterized by favorable conditions, but the new districts are in danger of ground water rise. The analysis of engineering-geomorphologic conditions has let to develop concrete proposals concerning the improvement of situation.

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