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№ 2 (2004)

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Unlike the traditional opposition of endogenous and exogenous processes in the relief formation author contradistinquishes the processes running dew to gravity and against it. The latter two types include endogenous as well as exogenous processes. The Processes submitting to gravity comprise the downcast lithoflow, “antigravitational” processes overcome gravity and direct upward. Special attention is paid to out-of-the-way mechanism of waves-wind sand outflow from the large waters onto the slopes covered with thick forest. Some other examples of “antigravitational” processes are given; the conclusion is drawn that the landforms in every certain region are governed by the ratio of these two types of processes.
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On the base of regional data on suspended sediment yield and other erosion characteristics the tendencies of terrestrial erosion intensity changes in the second half of 20 th century were determined. Comparative evaluation (area aspect) of factors of these changes - anthropogenous, hydro-climatic, etc. - was fulfilled for the whole Earth, different continents and climatic zones.


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The ingress of mollusk Cerastoderma glaucum (Cardium edule) into Caspian Sea in the Early and Middle Holocene i.e. before Mangyshlak regression is discussed. Published materials and field data are given, indicating the presence of these shells at higher than usual levels - -16 - -10 m and more.

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В практике геологоразведочных работ для оценки перспективности рудоносных площадей широкое применение нашли структурно-геоморфологические методы, в частности, морфоструктурный анализ, основанный на пространственно-временной связи рельефа с геолого-структурными особенностями территории. В процессе развития морфоструктуры происходит формирование современного облика рельефа и вывод месторождений и зон минерализации на современную поверхность. Поэтому для получения прогнозной оценки рудоносных площадей обычно ставятся две задачи: 1 - выяснение морфоструктурного плана исследуемого района, 2 - определение величины денудационного среза как критерия оценки перспективности оруденения этой территории [1, 2]. На первом этапе работы автором было проведено морфоструктурное районирование Баджальского хребта с целью определения общего морфоструктурного и неотектонического плана и выявления его основных морфоструктурных элементов.
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The history of Volga valley from Pliocene till now is under consideration. Geological data of previous investigations prove that large river valley periodically appeared during all stages of new geologic time in the area of Lower Volga. The paleo-valley had migratory entry and characteristic landforms. Some large epochs may be determined: Pliocene - with deep incised valley, Akchaghylian and Apsheronian - the time of marine sediments and alluvium accumulation. During Pleistocene the erosion valleys, which were incised due to the fast decree of the Caspian Sea level, as a rule were being filled with alluvium in the periods of steady sea level. Later alluvium was being covered with marine sediments of transgression. Recent delta of Volga has little in common with ancient deltas in regard to genesis and morphology. It is typical bird-foot delta with a multitude of anabranches and channels.
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On the base of QI-diagram analysis the formation of different types of channels was considered: for plain rivers, mountain rivers, incised rivers and rivers with broad flood plain. Heterogeneous approximations of boundary lines, dividing point fields on the QI-diagrams, corresponding to different channel types, were revealed. Authors argue that incised channels appear at maximal intensity of flow; branching channels occur on rivers with average maximum discharge more than 50 m 3/sec, which is characteristic for big rivers.
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A series of sections on the slopes of Protva valley and adjacent watershed were studied. Geological, structural and textural characteristics of covering loam and slope deposits were analyzed. Some concepts about their genesis, age and mutual paragenetic interrelations are discussed.

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