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The ground ejection during burrowing of holes leads to zoological sedimentation, the growth of the soil profile and of the crust of weathering, so called zoological weathering. The nanorelief appears when such ejections are locally distributed; it is manifested sharper if horizontal undersurface displacement of ground takes place. In this case mi-ma-mounds are forming: they are known in some regions of America and Africa. Marmot-hills and ground squirrel-hills are forming in the same way as mima-mounds. Erosion and deflation make negative forms of nanorelief: holes over the burrows, slope erosion.
19-27 322
Author describes the morphological structure and exomorphodynamics of equatorial mountains. They are forming under condition of non-seasonal climate with excessive watering. Equatorial morphogenesis plays significant role in the transient mountains formation at the boundaries of the climatic zones.
28-36 347
The morphological criterions of directional sediment accumulation or total river channel cutting, which cause the transformation of river longitudinal profile, are characterized. The complex approach is necessary for evaluating of channel vertical movements by channel processes, channel and flood-plain structure, hydrologic processes.

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49-56 390
The test site ranges 13 km down the stream from the source of the river. Geological structure and morphology of the valley are the main factors of the channel formation. Morphological types of channel bed forms created by interaction of fluvial processes and debris flow are described. The spatial distribution of channel morphological types along the studied river reach is shown.
57-59 350
Analysis of cloudiness pattern on space image of South California combined with special method of morphostruc-tural regionalization reveals seismic morphostructural junctions. They are situated in the places of large lineaments crossings and reflected in cloudiness pattern.
60-69 387
Four independent techniques were applied for quantitative evaluation of soil redistribution rates within an arable slope and their spatial-temporal variability over the agricultural period. Such a complex approach allows mutual control and cross-validation of results, increasing their reliability. Sinuous pattern of the soil redistribution rate variation along the slope is associated with the features of runoff formation and rill development in slope hollow bottoms. Different temporal resolution of the techniques used has allowed making a preliminary assessment of contribution of individual events to total soil losses.
70-77 393
Natural factors in exogenous processes within the territory under consideration are analyzed. The assessment scale of land surface degradation under different types of human impact is developed. The scale is used as a basis of legend for the map of ecologic-geomorphologic regionalization. Landscape-basin analysis shows the diversity of me-sobasins with regard to species composition of the landscape. The lithologic-morphologic structure of the territory is the main factor in this diversity.
78-89 434
Authors controvert hypothesis of catastrophic character of ridge relief formation during the descent of near-glacial lake in the Kuraiskaya depression. Erosion-cryogenic origin of this relief is grounded.
90-101 569
The data on karst in the Arkhangelsk region are colligated. The karst formation began in Mesozoic. Middle and Late Pleistocene were the epochs of most active processes when continental glaciations had a significant impact: from destroying of karst landforms to overlying them with glacial deposits. Almost all forms and types of karst topography are represented in the region. Karst in sulfate rocks occupies lesser areas than one in carbonates, but it is more dynamic and diversiform. The most part of more than 400 known caves exist in sulfate rocks. The karst formation is especially active at Kuloiskoye plateau, where neotectonic uplift leads to intensification of karst-erosion processes. The amount of surface karst forms reaches here more than 1500 per square km - the maximum in the European part of Russia.

Методика научных исследований 

37-48 509
Volcanic and seismological processes of relief formation are cosmic processes. In this paper, an attempt was made to analyse their time series in connection with parameters of orbital movement of the Earth. Data on volcanic eruptions (according to Catalogue Worldwide Volcanic Eruptions, Guschenko, 1979), earthquakes with M > 5 (according to USGS/NEIC Significant Worldwide Earthquakes), and astronomical parameters - distances between the Earth and the Moon, the Earth and the Sun, lunar ecliptic latitude, differences of geocentric longitudes of the Moon and the Sun, Venus and the Sun, Mars and the Sun (according to JPL Planetary and Lunar Ephemerides, DE-406) were used. The values of multivariate diurnal probability were calculated. The latter has linear correlation with diurnal probability of "geoevents". On the basis of these results and with the use of astronomical ephemerides the global probability of volcanic and seismic activity was calculated for the years 2005-2007.


102-103 353
Рецензия на книгу Короткий А.М., Макарова Т.Р. Палеогеграфические и геоморфологические аспекты устойчивости геосистем в бассейнах горных рек. Владивосток: Дальнаука, 2005. 292 с.


104-105 374
25–27 апреля 2006 года в Волгоградском государственном педагогическом университете (ВГПУ) прошел VI семинар молодых ученых вузов, объединяемых Межвузовским научно-координационным советом по проблеме эрозионных, русловых и устьевых процессов при МГУ.
106-108 364
3–7 июля 2006 г. в г. Данди (Шотландия, Великобритания) состоялся международный симпозиум “Динамика наносов и гидроморфология флювиальных систем” (“Sediment Dynamics and the Hydromorphology of Fluvial Systems”), организованный международной комиссией по континентальной эрозии (ICCE) Международной ассоциации гидрологических наук (IAHS). Форум собрал свыше 70 участников более чем из 20 стран почти всех континентов: от Канады, США, Бразилии и Чили до Китая, Малайзии и Австралии.
109-110 405
С 25 по 29 сентября 2006 г. в Ижевске на географическом факультете Удмуртского государственного университета (УдГУ) проводилась Всероссийская научная конференция – XXIX Пленум Геоморфологической комиссии РАН на тему “Проблемы флювиальной геоморфологии”.

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